To all Spartan Parents, Football Players & Cheerleaders:

On behalf of the Boosters, I welcome you to the 2018 Milford Spartans Football Season. I can’t show enough appreciation for the past and present set of folks that continue to raise their hands to help out.  I can tell you that each year Milford is the envy of our opposing teams and clubs due to the demonstration of support they continually see from our families.  Without their countless hours of dedication, we would be lost as a booster program.  

Let me introduce you to some of the work this group does behind the scenes…from raising money for new uniforms and equipment to providing food and beverages for the players during the season. The Boosters are volunteers and parents of players and cheerleaders that organize and coordinate the “off the field” details of the Football season. Each one of us donates our personal time to do our best to improve and support the programs.  We’re not perfect and sometimes mistakes are made, but we do our best to GIVE the best we can to all of our youth athletes.  One of the many Boosters efforts is to coordinate fundraising events that offset expenses not available from the School Department’s Athletic budget. This is even more critical during these VERY difficult economic times.  Funds raised each year support the program and provide the necessary equipment and apparel, as well as other activities throughout the season.  This year the Booster club will provide funds for new cheerleading choreography, football equipment, jerseys, helmets, online video, pizza and refreshments to players at away games, as well as awarding eligible seniors, college scholarships. 

The Boosters oversee the concession stand, prepare and publish the Spartan’s program, man the front gate on Friday nights, organize “Senior Night”, coordinate the Football banquet, and are involved in many other activities in support of the Players and Cheerleaders throughout the year.  The contribution of the Boosters is critical to provide not only a successful season for our kids, but provides an atmosphere of FUN and SPIRIT for all. This takes a commitment, which is shared among many of the parents of the players and cheerleaders. We welcome you and encourage you to JOIN us this coming season in order to help make this yet another memorable year for our young men and women.  How can you learn more about supporting our Football and Cheer teams?  Come attend one of our monthly Booster meetings.  This is announced each month via an e-mail blast and via a Calling Post message. (please sign up!)

When:  Second  Thursday of every month.
Where:  Milford High School, Lecture Hall (location and changes are communicated) Note: April Meeting is at the Milford Ambulance Community room. 
Time:  7:00 p.m. (approximately 1 hour)
Why do we meet?  We discuss the financial needs of the program, organize fundraising, the banquet, concessions, Golf Tournament, and fun activities such as sign making, etc… 

For all the latest contact info, news and updates this coming season visit our web site, at  Many of the answers to your questions, schedules, directions, apparel order forms, and much much more can be found there.
We look forward to your participation and support throughout the season.


Milford Spartans Football Booster Club

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