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Milford High School Spartans Football Boosters Club

Voted in & Accepted: April 14, 1998

Article I – General

Section 1 – Name

This organization shall be known as the Milford High School Spartans Football Boosters Club, hereinafter referred to as the “Club.”

Section 2 – Purpose

The purpose of the Club is to encourage and give recognition to the football program and its student participants, including, players, trainers, and cheerleaders, and their achievements at Milford High School (“MHS”). The Club will raise funds by various methods, including, but not limited to, the production and sale of football roster programs, sales of refreshments, sales of the logoed products, and the collection of donations from local businesses and individuals. The Club may expend its net income, after all incurred expenses have been settled, for banquets, awards, scholarships, and other items or services to further the objective of the Club.

Article II – Membership

Section 1 – General Membership

Any adult (non-MHS student) who is interested in the activities of the MHS football program and the Club may be a voting member of the Club. Each member is entitled to one (1) vote at any Club meeting.

Section 2 – Election of Officers

The election of officers who will conduct the business of the Club will take place each year at the January meeting. Elected positions are President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Section 3 – Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is comprised of the persons holding the elected positions of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, the head football coach, and at least one (1) school administrator (traditionally, the Athletic Director).

Article III – Elections

Section 1 – General

All voting members, as defined by Article II, Section 1, are eligible to vote and hold office. All voting will be limited to one (1) vote per person. All nominations for officers must be made and seconded on the floor of the meeting by a Club member.

Bylaws – Page 2

Article IV – Responsibilities

Section 1 – Elected Officers

1. The President shall:

*call and preside at all business and program meetings.

*oversee all organizational activities.

*participate as needed on any committee.

*call meetings of the Executive Committee as may be necessary to conduct the routine business of the


*fill by temporary appointment any elected office vacated for any reason.

*perform such other duties as the membership may approve.

2. The Vice President shall:

*perform in the absence of, or as delegated by, the President, the duties of the President.

*organize and lead the fundraising committees, to include the concession stand, 50-50 raffle, and other


*oversee the maintenance and propose improvements to the concession stand building as needed.

Efforts to be coordinated with MHS administration..

*perform such other duties as the membership may approve.

3. The Secretary shall:

*prepare a permanent set of minutes of the proceedings of each meeting.

*handle all incoming and outgoing correspondence, to include advertising the activities of the Club.

*update the Bylaws by annotating additions, deletions, and changes duly ratified by the membership.

*oversee and coordinate the Scholarship Committee.

*organize and lead the football roster programs committee, to include the coordination of effort to

collect ads, photos, and general layout of the program, as well as the sales and distribution of the


*perform such other duties as the membership may approve.

4. The Treasurer shall:

*maintain a set of books covering the financial transactions of the Club, present a brief verbal cash

flow report at every meeting.

*annually present to the membership a detailed report of income and expenses. This report is to be

verified by the President by a co-signature. Other executive officers may also verify the books at this


*prepare and sign all authorized checks.

*ascertain all financial obligations are paid promptly, taking advantage of any cash discounts offered.

*accept and deposit in the Club’s bank account(s) all Club funds.

*oversee the financial transactions of all committees.

*perform such other duties as the membership may approve.

Section 2 – Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship Committee will review, in strictest confidence, the applications of all scholarship submitted, making recommendations for those students to whom such awards are to be made and also propose changes in the scholarship criteria for future years. No member of the Scholarship Committee may have an eligible child for such a scholarship. In the event the President (the Scholarship Committee chairperson) has a child eligible for a scholarship, the President may not vote for scholarships to be given in the year of eligibility but may continue as chairperson.

Bylaws – Page 3

Article V – Business Presentation

Section 1 – General

A quorum of the Club shall be present at any meeting when at least five (5) voting members are present, at least one (1) of whom is an officer. At Executive Committee meetings, a quorum will be deemed present if at least three (3) of the six (6) regular members of the Executive Committee are present.

Any member at any meeting may present business for consideration at that meeting. All matters must be voted upon by the membership, providing a quorum of the voting membership is present.

Section 2 – Voting

All matters, unless otherwise specified, must receive a majority vote of the membership present. Each member in attendance is entitled to one (1) vote. Voice and/or hand vote is acceptable.

Article VI – Meetings

Section 1 – Regular Meetings

Regular meetings will be held monthly on a prearranged date, time, and place set by the Executive Committee. The President will announce a schedule of all regular meetings on or before the June meeting. Changes to the established routine of the regular meetings should be either announced at the prior meeting or to each member at least seven (7) days in advance, when possible. All meetings will be conducted in accordance with Roberts Rules of Order or as close as possible thereto. The January meeting will be known as the Annual Meeting. At the Annual Meeting the Treasurer will provide the financial report from the previous year, election of new officers will be completed, and committees will be set up and tasks assigned. The June meeting is to be known as an Open Business Meeting, will be the forum for all members to vote on the direction of financial and services plan for the upcoming season. Information is to be based on reports from all committees.

Section 2 – Special Meetings

Special meetings may be called when necessary to consider matters prior to the next regular meeting.

Discussion will be limited to the subject that caused the necessity for the meeting. A special meeting may be called by a one-half (1/2) vote of the Executive Committee. A quorum of the membership must be present to validate any matters voted on at the special meeting. The President must notify all the membership at least 24 hours in advance of such meetings, indicating the time, place, and agenda for the special meeting.

Section 3 – Executive Committee Meetings

The Executive Committee will meet as often as necessary. Any actions on matters provided by these Bylaws must be subsequently submitted to a regular or special meeting for proper consideration. Members of the Executive Committee can be asked to participate and attend any of these meetings.

Article VII - Amendments

Amendments to these Bylaws may be presented in writing by any member at any regular meeting. A majority vote of the quorum is required to approve the amendments. The amendments shall become effective immediately upon acceptance by the majority vote.

Bylaws – Page 4

Article VIII - General

Section 1 - Expenditure of Funds

At the January Annual Meeting, the membership will identify, as best it can, the items for which expenditures may be made during the ensuing year. The Treasurer and the Budget Committee will make their recommendations brought to the membership at large to determine what monies the Club should actually allocate and for which projects/items. The Treasurer shall be authorized to make promptly payment for all incurred expenses and voted by the membership. The Treasurer may dispense funds with petty cash vouchers not to exceed $25.00 per month. All funds dispensed from petty cash shall be accounted for at the next regular meeting. Routine operating expenditures will be paid as authorized by the Executive Committee, not to exceed $250.00 without a formal vote of the membership.

Section 2 - Concession/Refreshment Stand

The Concessions Committee, or other persons running the refreshment stand, will follow the procedures approved by the members. The Concessions Committee shall be empowered to purchase food and supplies as required to implement a smooth operation of the stand.

Section 3 - Special Projects and Expenses

In cases where projects and expenses arise during the year which were not foreseen at the Annual Meeting or the June Open Business Meeting, the Executive Committee may approve such a project or expenditure and report same to the membership at the next regular meeting.

In general, reasonable expenditures needed for approved fundraising activities (i.e., refreshment stand, collections of donations, etc.) may be authorized by the Treasurer so long as they are within the limits of the authorizations voted on by the membership. Other expenditures to carry out the Club’s purpose (i.e., banquets, awards, etc.) should only be (i) approved in advance by the members at the Annual Meeting or (ii) approved in advance by a majority of the Executive Committee; but only where the matter cannot reasonably be brought before the membership at a regular meeting.

Section 4 – Scholarship Eligibility

In addition to “standard” scholarship criteria, as may be proposed by the Scholarship Committee and approved by the membership, the following shall also be criteria for consideration of a senior’s eligibility for scholarship:

1. The player, trainer, or cheerleader must have participated in the program for three (3) years, notnecessarily consecutive years; and

2. The player, trainer, or cheerleader, either personally or through a family member or friend, must have accumulated a minimum of thirty (30) hours of support time to the Club. This support time can be accumulate through participation in any Club-sponsored event (i.e. acting as an officer, working the Concession Stand, assisting with the Program, etc.). Effective with the Class of 2003, the player, trainer, or cheerleader must have accumulated a minimum of fifty (50) hours of support time to the Club.

(Voted in Nov. 18, 2001.)