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Milford tops HB in Robinson’s last game

posted Nov 6, 2012, 5:50 PM by Milford Spartans   [ updated Nov 6, 2012, 5:51 PM ]

HOLLIS – It was an emotional affair for everyone on the Hollis Brookline sideline, and it had nothing to do with the final score – a 41-15 loss to Milford.

The Cavaliers’ 2012 season wrapping up Saturday afternoon was about more than another fall in the books.

Ten HB seniors closed out their high school careers, and the coach that built the high school program, Milt Robinson, officially called it quits after 10 years at the helm.

“I’m proud to have been their coach and glad to go out with these seniors who I respect a lot,” Robinson said. “It was not an easy decision for me. It was a great season and a great 10 years.

“I’m proud of what I did over the 10 years, and I’m proud of what the kids have accomplished over the 10 years. I’m just very happy to be a part of this program and I will always be part of this program somehow.”

Although the game was not a highlight of the Cavaliers’ season, they appeared on their way for the game’s first score.

HB drove its way to the Milford 40, but Cavaliers’ quarterback Max Friedman’s 25-yard pass fell into the hands of Milford’s Ian Michaud, who turned the tide quickly by returning the interception down the sideline for an 85-yard touchdown and 6-0 Milford lead.

This was the beginning of the Cavaliers’ unraveling.

Milford capitalized on another HB mistake, when Friedman threw another interception to Mitchell Banuskevich at the 50-yard line.

Milford quarterback Harrison Urda helped moved his team down the field, before giving way to running back Tyler Cooney at the Cavaliers’ 8. Urda handed the ball to Cooney, who forced his way into the end zone for Milford’s second touchdown.

Urda then joined in on the scoring act, breaking off a 51-yard run for a 19-0 Milford lead.

With two interceptions already recorded, HB didn’t shy away from throwing the ball. It paid off. With 42 yards between the Cavaliers and the end zone, Friedman connected with Mitch Frick on fourth-and-31 for a touchdown.

“Bad things happen but you can’t lose confidence in someone just because something bad happened,” Robinson said. “(Friedman) is a great player, last week he threw five touchdown passes, so you know I’m going to go with the guys that brought us here and I’m proud of how they all played.”

Milford stayed strong, scoring another 21 points before the end of the game, but HB didn’t give up on looking for more points.

With only 38 seconds left in the game, Milford turned over the ball on downs on their own 32.

Friedman looked to connect with Frick again on a 32-yard pass into the end zone that was just out of his receiver’s reach. With another pass anticipated, Nick Noval got the call on the ground. He found a hole up the middle and took off to paydirt.
Sunday, November 4, 2012